PUBG Lite Lacks Some Features Which Made The Original Game An Excellent Title

PUBG took the world by storm and brought the battle royale genre into the limelight. While the game may have lost its crown to Fortnite, it remains one of the most popular games in the world with millions of active players across several platforms. PUBG Lite is now under the focus, as this version would make the title available on mid-range PCs.

The original PC version of the game offers an impressive gameplay experience and beautiful graphics, but many gamers weren’t able to enjoy the title due to the high system requirements. Most affordable setups aren’t able to offer good performance, and no one likes to die due to lag or screen freezes.

To address this issue and attract more players, Tencent decided to release a new version of the game for the PC. PUBG Lite was built from the ground up with performance in mind, and it can run well even on modest laptops. The new version may offer a great experience, but it lacks some of the features which make the original great.

PUBG Lite lacks some of the features which make the original game a great battle royale title


This military-grade vehicle has a high health pool of 2500HP, which should keep your squad protected as you travel from one point to another. It is a great alternative to cars even if it a bit slower, and it would be a great addition to PUBG Lite.

Replay System

The replay system is one of the best features of PUBG since it allows players to see how they performed and use the death cam to observe how the enemy killed them and learn valuable information which could be used in future matches.

Increase movability

A recent update added the ability to grab ledges, which is quite handy when you are jumping from one roof to another during a tense chase.

Calculating kill distance

Players can determine the distance from their target after they kill it, a detail which plays an important role in the case of some RP missions.

Use gas cans as bombs

By shooting gas cans PUBG Lite, players can trigger a powerful explosion, which is as dangerous as the one caused by grenades.

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