Street Fighter 5 Leak Unveils 3 New Characters

Capcom is seeing its share of leaked information in recent times. Some images have popped up regarding 3 of the characters that will participate in the Street Fighter 5 EVO tournament this weekend. This has been made more evident by a trailer that appeared on Steam, featuring the same characters.

The news reveals three of Capcom’s classic characters stepping forward to take part in the event. These are the sumo champion E. Honda, Lucia the street cop, and Poison, who has multiple careers as a gang member, a rock star, and a wrestling promoter.

Characters Update In Street Fighter 5

The sumo champ has been quite absent lately as he is the only classic character that did not make an appearance in SFV.

Poison has appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV and Tekken and is a welcomed addition any time she wants to show up.

Lucia has a very loyal fan base but this will be her first appearance into the gaming world since she made her debut in Final Fight 3, all the way back in 1995.

E. Honda

Edmond Honda has cut his first name from his stage name. The choice is understandable, due to the embarrassment of being a 300-pound Japanese sumo champion named Edmond. He has a more muscular build than typical sumo wrestlers and he stands out more due to his impressive 6’1” height.

In typical Japanese fashion, E. Honda is a man both friendly and honorable. He is blessed with ambition in the pursuit of his career in the sumo world. He is known for his dedication with his training routines but likes to relax while taking hot steaming baths.


The character stands out with her long, slim yet muscular legs and her short blonde hair. This is despite being only 5’7”½. She is a cop but she kind of ditched the police uniform for some blue shorts, a tank top, and a brown vest for those chilly evenings.

Her backstory is that she’s a detective in the Special Crimes Unit of the Metro City Police. She is noted for fighting gang crime while holding this position. Lucia relies on an agile fighting style with lots of kick attacks. These culminate with flames sprouting from her feet.


Perhaps the character that stands out more than E. Honda, Poison is a roller coaster of fun, evidenced by her appearance, attitude, and her very colorful resume. She has long pink hair and a height 5’9”. She is not a big fan of clothes as she often wears some black underwear and some white rags that stand for a tank top. But she does sport a black cap.

Poison was styled after the ‘80 glam rock band bearing the same name. Her slender, care-free design was in contrast with the heavy, more serious characters. She is noted for her relationships during her game appearances as well as her fighting style.

The pink-headed fighter employs a mixed style that includes acrobatic wrestling moves and brawling that is standard for a street fight. Her moves are ever-expanding but she is known for her flips kicks and even wip attacks at some point. The wip attack became an ultra combo move along with another move that involves a kick to the groin, called Poison Kiss.

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