Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC Delayed – It Might Come Out In October

Bad news for Destiny 2 enthusiasts out there. The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC has been delayed. But in other news, the game will still get regular content updates that are within schedule. The devs have tried to improve the player experience by hearing out grievances and trying to implement the changes the main body of fans wants.

A good compromise in light of the delay the DLC has suffered. These changes will perhaps see the light of days during the August and September updates to the base version of the game.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC Schedule

The devs have provided some insight into the schedule for the next couple of months in Bungie’s newest post on their blog. The post features some screenshots concerning Shadowkeep content as well, and it’s looking like the DLC will probably arrive in October.

We can see that Moments of Triumph will suffer an extension and will be running until mid-September. Solstice of Heroes has been recently released, but it will have a short stint, ending in late August. Players will, however, be delighted to receive two Iron Banner events in late August and mid-September.

Player based changes

The player grievances mainly addressed the grind focused aspects of the gameplay. I mean, this isn’t World of Warcraft. The devs took this to heart and have made a series of adjustments.

For example, Gambit Prime and Reckoning will see highly increased weapon reward yields. With added back luck protection that guarantees a drop when a certain number of runs have been completed.

The Mountaintop grenade launcher and the Wendigo GL3 can be earned by completing pinnacle quests. And these will be more accessible as per player feedback. The Menagerie chests are no longer a thing due to a glitch, but they will make a comeback until the end of the season. The chests are said to give out more rewards until that time.

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