Pokemon Go New Special Event To Start Tomorrow, Featuring Shiny Bonsly

Pokemon Go Community Day event for August took place this weekend, and it seems that isn’t even the only event to take place in this period of time. Niantic has also announced a fresh gift-themed event that will start on August 5th, Monday, tomorrow. With this new event, they will introduce a new Shiny Pokemon to the roaster, Shiny Bonsly.

New Pokemon Go Event’s Details

Some new changes coming to the game with the kick-off of this event will be the increased number of gifts that you can carry in your inventory from August 5 through 19. Another increase will be regarding the number of gifts you will be able to open daily, upping to 30 each day. The eggs that will appear from these gifts will require you 2 km to hatch them, and the new pokemons can appear from 7 km eggs.

The new Pokemon that will be introduced will be Bonsly, the baby form of Sudowoodo. Not only is it easy to hatch, you will have a change of getting a brand new Shiny Bonsly from these eggs, and even if it is a tedious task, you’ll have to exchange many gifts and hatch a lot of eggs if you want to get a shot at getting a Bonsly for your Pokemon collection.

August Pokemon Go Community Event

The most recent Community Day event took place this weekend, and the Pokemon that will take the spotlight of the event was Ralts. This Pokemon spawned mainly in the wild areas, and for the first time, Shiny Ralts made their appearance during this event. As a premium feature of this event, your Pokemon will be able to learn the event-exclusive skill Synchronoise, only if you manage to evolve it into one of its final forms, Gardevoir or Gallade.

Events aside, Pokemon Go has been taken by storm by Team Rocket, and with their arrival, Shadow Pokemon have been introduced, like the Rayquaza returning to Raid Battles. The Rayquaza hunt will come back to Pokemon Go on September 2nd, the Pokemon trainers having another shot at getting it.

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