Apex Legends New Character Speculations

Fans of Apex Legends, a video game that raised in popularity recently, have been hungry to find out more information about their favorite game.

Respawn Entertainment, the company that develops Apex Legends, announced the game’s next addition to the legends roster. To the fans’ delight, the company just revealed the first look at the update.

Lately, members of the game’s online community all around the world have been speculating regarding the next character that will be introduced in Apex Legends. Most of them were confident the brand-new character is named Crypto. That is until they received a semi-official coded response to those claims.

A few days ago, on August 1, Tina Sanchez, a developer working for Respawn, took to Twitter to post two photos that reveal some behind-the-scenes work on a new character, specifically on their in-game movements. Along with the photos, she wrote: “Working on Apex Legends stuff.”

This first tweet might have gone unnoticed by many fans, but the second one was more cryptic. And after all, the idea of the new character being named Crypto was never ruled out.

Tina’s response does not really mean anything, but it sure did stir up many debates among the community. The tweet hardly confirms anything about the new Apex Legends character, but some read between the lines and chose to take it as a confirmation.

Even more, a mysterious laptop recently appeared in Apex Legends, and it is rumored to belong to Crypto. If this really is part of the new character’s equipment, then it makes sense that he would be named Crypto.

These two tweets, along with the laptop found in the game, sparked a lot of excitement among fans of Apex Legends. In addition, some players spotted a new face in the Season 2 trailer that they believe to be a new character. Dataminers were also able to discover a game file labeled ‘crypto_laptop_tease.’ Are all of these confirmations that Crypto is the new Apex Legends character? What do you think?

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