Call of Duty Modern Warfare News – Full Schedule from Activision

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will get an open beta for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and it will also come with crossplay support.

Good news

The multiplayer beta will be introduced next month and Activision is trying their best to make the crossplay experience as good as possible. However, probably the best news for gamers worldwide is that the new open beta will be free to download regardless of the platform you are using.

The only requirement that you have to meet in order to play with your friends online is a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold active membership.

These newse were presented during a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer event, which also featured lots of updates.

How and when

Those who pre-order the new Call of Duty game will be granted earlier access to the multiplayer beta. This will be followed by further testing of the open beta and crossplay feature on all platforms.

PS4 gamers are the first to receive access to the beta, on September 12 2019. After a week, Xbox One fans can download the beta too, and September 21 to September 23 will be the period when crossplay is allowed between the three platforms.

Here is a full schedule from Activision:

Weekend 1 – PlayStation 4 Exclusive:

  • September 12 to September 13: PS4 Early Access
  • September 14 to September 16: PS4 Open Beta

Weekend 2: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC on Blizzard

  • September 19 to September 20: Early Access on Xbox One and PC. Open Beta on PS4
  • September 21 to September 23: Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One, & PC

The developers of the game state that their goal with Modern Warfare is to unite all gamers from day one to play together, so platform incompatibility will be a thing of the past.

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