Dragon Quest XI S Demo Finally Confirmed

Fans will be thrilled about the brand new information that the Dragon Quest XI S demo will give them. For all the connoisseurs out there and true fans that have been waiting way too much, we have more details for the upcoming game. Let’s get in the world of dragons and get to know better the features.

Dragon Quest XI S Demo Finally Confirmed

After a long period of waiting, fans are curious to find out if Square Enix would develop a demo which they can play it for Dragon Quest XI S. The announcements were made by the creators about a few months ago and some of us assumed that it will be followed by a demo release. On this weekend, however, the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2019 from Tokyo came up with a surprise. A demo will be released!

If this is something you have been waiting for, you can relax now and enjoy playing a demo. Well, not yet, though, because the date wasn’t confirmed yet. So, we understand that in order to get something, we must take a long path and wait, again.

More Details on Dragon Quest XI S Demo Revealed

Here are some details that will probably calm you down. Good news for all the users who were smart enough to keep their save data. Meaning that, if you enjoyed the previous game and you were cautious as well about your savings, you will be rewarded big time! The Dragon Quest XI S demo will bring a ‘Skill Seed’, kind of bonus stuff when you will get to play the full game.

The fact that you saved your data and then you received a bonus, it will also come with something else, more interesting. A premium hero card called ‘The One Descended from Erdrick [S]’ available for the Switch version of the free mode card fight game Dragon Quest Rivals as a substantial bonus. Until the full game release, on September 27th, maybe we will have the opportunity to enjoy a demo at the beginning of the month.

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