Elder Scrolls 6 Unique Approach by Bethesda

Elder Scrolls 6 news has been scarce lately as the devs over at Bethesda Studios are putting a lid on things. Fans are obviously excited about the new game but the studio is having none of it, choosing to be silent. Perhaps to drive up the mystery and hype behind the new Elder Scrolls. They wouldn’t be the only ones to do so.

A different approach to games

Ted Howard, the head of the studio, has given the press a bit of information in a recent interview. He has addressed the large gap between Skyrim and Elder Scrolls 6. What he said was both counterproductive and quite wise.

Howard mentioned that he believes fans need to miss their favorite content. Only by doing so they can get really excited about a new game and see it with fresh eyes. Like it’s a whole other world, thousands of years apart.

This point of view may be disputed, as strategies on the different side of the spectrum have paid off when it comes to entertainment. But oversaturation has been reached many times as well. No matter if Howard is right or wrong in his statement, this is the studio’s vision concerning their games. And it does seem to be working, especially with die-hard fans.

10-year lifespan for Elder Scrolls

Skyrim is still being played by many fans to this day, despite its lifespan of almost a decade. The new Elder Scrolls game is being designed and built with the same longevity in mind. In this way, not only will the fans be very attached with the game series but each game will receive stellar benefits from advances in gaming technology.

The strategy of the studio with the release of their newer Elder Scrolls games is to slowly offer content to their current title while letting modders to some of their work for them. As evidenced with the many ways fans enjoy Skyrim with a variety of customizations.

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