Minecraft: Pocket Edition – How to Fight Creepers, Zombies and Skeletons

Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition is no longer a new and exciting game, millions of people are still playing the mobile game to this day. The secret behind Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s success and its ability to stand the test of time is the survival mode. This is a special mode that throws players into a newly generated world where they need to build everything from scratch. To make things even better, there is always the danger of encountering a monster.

We know that fighting monsters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition is not easy and this why for today we have decided to round the best combat tips and tricks for the mobile game and we are going to present them right now.

How to Fight a Creeper

Creepers are the most infamous monsters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition and there is no doubt about that. The trick to defeating them while staying safe is to sprint at them and hit them once with a sword then immediately back up. Keep repeating the process until the creeper is taken out.

How to Fight a Zombie

Even though zombies might not be as difficult to fight as creepers, they are certainly dangerous. The best way to fight zombies is to quickly strike with a sword and then walk forward and strike again. Always make sure to stay at least one block away from the zombie.

How to Fight Skeletons

The last combat tip that we want to share is how to fight skeletons. The best and simplest way to take them out is to use a bow and arrow. Another pro tip here is to never to chase a skeleton into the water because the water will slow you down and the skeleton will get more chances to hit you.

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