Pokemon Go Expands its Family – What’s New?

Because there is nothing better than a big and happy family, developers from Pokemon Go came up with new plans for adding some new characters. The news made fans even more eager for the game. Get to know the latest features that Pokemon Go will bring and prepare yourself to be amazed.

The next week events will be very important for all the fans out there, because Pokemon Go will add two extra families of Shiny Pokemon. They will release this feature for the mobile game, introducing Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Bonsly, Poliwrath and Sudowoodo. Today they will also introduce Bonsly as a Shiny character, and it will represent a special present themed occasion. How cool is this? But Pokemon Go has more to offer!

The event will let players to enjoy one of the best quality time ever. They will get the chance to gather many gifts to give further to their friends, also they can gather, too, a maximum of 30 presents daily. If a player succeeds to get an egg from a present while participating at any event, that egg will contain a 2 KM one instead of 7 KM. An interesting thing is that the player will find a 7 KM Pokemon. Also, the Baby Pokemon will be easier to collect. The event will last 15 days.

Poliwag in its Shiny ‘armor’ will be introduced to players in order to celebrate the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest, on 6th August in Japan. However, the character will appear more during the Pokemon Go Fest. On the other hand, many tasks are prepared for the willing players in which they will have to complete a 16 million Field Research mission. As a reward, players will get a one of a kind Standard Bonus and a limited Suicune Raid Day, on the last day.

Shiny Rayquaza will also be available for players to capture it, by competing the Pokemon in attacks, same with the Team Rocket Grunts.

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