Passionate Fan Remakes the Biggest Elder Scrolls Game in Unity

Many gamers played or at least heard about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The popular title was released by Bethesda Softworks in 2011 and managed to gather a solid fan base which continues to play it even today. It may be the most popular entrance in the franchise, but it is far from being the largest one, an honor which belongs to the iconic The Elder Scrolls  II: Daggerfall.

Daggerfall, which was published in 1996, has remained a well-known title among gaming veterans. Due to its venerable age, the only way to play it on a modern PC required the use of DOSBox, a handy program which can emulate the MS-DOS OS. It’s not hard to obtain a copy of the game as Bethesda has been offering a digital version since 2009 but to say that it hasn’t aged to well may be an understatement according to some players. What makes it impressive is the sheer size of the map, which measures 62,294 square miles. If you want to walk across the map, you will need approximately 60 hours of spare time.

A dedicated fan decided to work on a port of the game, which should make the game more attractive for the younger generations while also improving the experience for those who love the title. In 2015 he released a set of tools which served as a starting point for the project.

Portions of the game could be played in Unity for a long time, but a new alpha build allows interested persons to play the entire game in Unity, As expected the game looks considerably better on modern displays, but those are not the only changes. The player character can be controlled with the help of the classic WASD scheme instead of the mouse, which can now be used to shift the camera. There is also some quality of life changes which were well-received by the community. New versions will be released in the future.

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