Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date And Other Details

Pokemon Sword and Shield will see a November 15th launch. The game is referred to by fans as Gen 8 because it’s the eight generations of games rolled out by the franchise. Every Pokemon game until now has been made especially for a Nintendo handheld device. The devs are excited to bring the new game to Nintendo Switch.

Sword and Shield will have a specific aesthetic for Pokemon, and not all of them will be featured in the game. The devs released this information, along with other news at the beginning of the summer. The first week of August saw a trailer for the game that gives further detail on the villains that will be featured in Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Galar to be the new region

The region that the action will take place in is called Galar, and it looks quite impressive. The sheer scale of the region is something that catches the eye. There will be lots of hidden places where all sorts of adventures will be had.

There has been detailed that the geography of the region took inspiration from the UK. All previous Pokemon games were mostly inspired by urban and rustic landscapes from Japan, the US, France, and Hawaii.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is following the ‘Let’s Go’ series

Nintendo Switch has seen other Pokemon games in the past. Sword and Shield will follow the Let’s go series. These games were quite entertaining but differed from the main series. Random encounters did not exist, and Pokemon just sat there in plain sight, without the need to hide.

Wild Pokemon could not be fought, with experienced gained by capturing Pokemon over and over like in Pokemon Go. The new Pokemon Sword and Shield game is meant to capture some of that magic and silliness of the old games but giving the player more modern gaming experience.

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