Minecraft Graphics Pack Launch Canceled Due To Technical Issues

For all the players and fans out there, Minecraft developers just came with the worst news ever – Minecraft graphics pack launch was canceled. What exactly makes the developers change their mind about some planned features we’re going to find out next.

New details from Minecraft’s developers have been announced, and they are not so good. They made official the fact that they pushed back the launch of a ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’ and things just got worse. Disappointing fans now wonder what the real reason could be why they did that. The cancellation of the release has many reasons apparently, but according to developers, we found out that they chose to do that because some technical problems appeared.

The Mojang team also explained how ambitious were with their newest feature release, but sadly, they weren’t fully ready to implement it. Their graphics pack would have bought to the game a bright original image, with new features prepared to give a smooth experience to players.

Minecraft Graphics Pack Launch Canceled Due To Technical Issues

However, the developers further stated that the way the pack behaved on many devices didn’t give the best results. Some optimal conditions were taking into consideration, but they just didn’t find the right way to explore them fully. What’s really important and appreciable is the fact that Minecraft is fit for a vast array of platforms, an option that makes the game suitable for everyone.

The developers always delivered in the past their best when it came to the game’s enhancement. What we know about the ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’ is that it would have brought more visual effects and some new textures for the running of the game, available also on platforms such as smartphones and Xbox One X.

Mojang ended its announcement with the promise of another try for the enhancement of the technical architecture, very soon. Until then, of course, we are going to enjoy the actual excellent quality of Minecraft.

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