Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hosts ‘Back To Hogwarts’ Event This Month

More ‘magical’ events are ready to meet their true fans of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. With this big announcement, fans out there are prepared to take everything by storm letting themselves be covered in some of the best the Harry Potter world could give, yet. Find out more magical stuff about two of the greatest events this summer!

For all the fans who thought that they missed their unique opportunities to be part of a Harry Potter event, well, let’s just say we have another chance!

The last one, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day, brought people from different countries at a truly magical event, one that made possible the chance to participate at other two, this month. Being such a huge community, developers think of giving everyone a possibility to get in the world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hosts ‘Back To Hogwarts’ Event This Month

Niantic proudly announced how they precisely prepared two new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite ‘Back to Hogwarts’ event this month. They also stated that this happening wouldn’t be possible if the fans weren’t so devoted. The events are scheduled for August 13, available until August 20, and the other one will let September begin wonderfully by holding it on 3rd of September.

Developers though, prepared something essential for players that it will put them in a complete state of awe. They came with the incredible idea of giving to players some one of a kind gifts like a rarely Registry Pages, some Special Assignments and Registry Pages.

The Special Assignments will also bring something amazing in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Back to Hogwarts event, exclusive things for the Ministry ID Portrait and some Restricted Section Books, as well. However, you will not get bored with anything at all, because the events will bring different gifts every week. We strongly advise you to take into consideration playing both weeks, if you want to get as many gifts and other collectibles as possible!

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