Epic Games Store Gets ‘Cloud Saves’ Feature Via August 2019 Update

The Epic Games Store has received an update recently that enabled Cloud saves. The feature is now available on 17 games from the roster and others will soon follow. Users have been requesting the feature for a long time, and they finally have it. Steam beat out the online store on this front, and they had to play catch up.

The service has been launched quite recently, in late 2018. It is already available in 13 languages and operates with Windows and macOS. The company’s designed its strategy to offer one free to play a game every two weeks throughout 2019. In June, this was stepped up to one game every week.

Cloud saves enabled in Epic Games Store

It has been pointed out by Epic Games that Cloud saves are not entirely new for the online store. Much of the Epic Games roster consists of Ubisoft titles, and these had the feature enabled through the Uplay integration.

The Epic Games Store 17 game list that currently offers Cloud saves have been free to play on the platform. Most of them anyway. Some of the most popular on the list are Mutant Year Zero and Hyper Light Drifter.

Some users are wondering why the Epic Games Store is not supporting Cloud saves on all their title. The company responded by saying that it is in talks with several game developers about the issue. The company wants to reach agreements where it can start testing the feature with developers.

Epic Games Store update

The Epic Games Store August update has also made some changes to the UI. The product pages will now allow users to link their Epic Games account with a Humble Bumble account. This means that users can purchase a game from Humble without the need for a redemption key. The library will list purchased games as soon as the transaction is finished.

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