PS Plus September 2019 Free Games Could Be Revealed Next Week

August is a great month for PS4 owners, and it may get even better. PS Plus subscribers get a selection of games for free each month, and the September titles could be announced in the upcoming days. Many are looking forward to the announcement, but it is likely that an official announcement will arrive after August 28.

Besides two free games, each month PS Plus subscribers will also get access to promotional in-game benefits for select titles. A new title joins the list at it seems that the game is popular. Genesis is a fresh take on the MOBA genre. It is exclusive to the console, and it seems to be in the early-access stage, as a meaty roadmap notes that several improvements will be added in the following months. The August games are still available, and you can learn more about them below.

WipEout Omega Collection is the tenth entry in the long-running Wipeout series and the first title which is not developed by the Studio Liverpool, the original developer, as the studio closed down in 2012. The Omega Collection includes two previous Wipeout titles which were remastered for the PS4.

PS Plus September 2019 Free Games Could Be Revealed Next Week

The game allows players to pilot anti-gravity across futuristic racetracks. It offers 26 distinct tracks and 46 individual models along with nine distinct game modes. Support for local split-screen and online multiplayer is also available.

The second game is Sniper Elite 4, a tactical shooter game which focuses on stealth kills. When players score an accurate shot from a distance with the help of a sniper rifle, a special X-Ray kill cam system will showcase spectacular scenes.

As a direct sequel to Sniper Elite III, the title offers an expansive campaign set during World War II in Italy. It was well-received by players and reviewers. A rich selection of weapons and in-depth customization system will offer a memorable experience. Players can tackle the campaign with the help of a friend or enjoy several co-op modes.

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