Rainbow Six: Siege Will Offer A Fortnite-like Battle Pass, As Ubisoft Revealed

The battle pass system introduced by Fortnite has been quite successful, and the system has been quite successful among players. Ubisoft launched a new video which offers some information about the third season of Year 4 while also mentioning a few details about the upcoming battle pass system in Rainbow Six: Siege.

At first, a small-scale battle pass will be available for free, allowing players to earn Battle Points which will automatically unlock tiers and will enable them to collect fun rewards. Those who manage to complete the entire pass will receive the Harry Chibi charm, which is quite cute.

The Battle Pass offered by the game will be split into two distinct tiers, with one being free while the other will be paid. Players can earn items by completing objectives for both tiers, but the paid one will likely offer better loot. Both passes will focus on Dr. Harishva ‘’Harry’’ Pandey, Rainbow Director and the narrator who will provide more details about the operators present in the game.

Ubisoft Revealed That Rainbow Six: Siege Will Offer A Fortnite-like Battle Pass

Known as Operation Ember Rise the third season arrives with a reworked Kanal map. The new version offers new paths towards various objectives, increasing mobility and the chance to avoid or encounter rival players. Two new operators are also available. A new attacker joins the fray in the form of Amaru, a Peruvian operator which carries a Garra grappling hook. The hook is a unique mobility item since it allows players to breach buildings quickly by targeting windows.

Goyo is a Mexican defender with a massive Volcan Shield, big enough to block a pathway. Enemies who attempt to get closer in an attempt to shoot Goyo will face dire feedback as the shield features an incendiary bomb.

The decision to incorporate a pass is not surprising since they are quite successful as an engagement method, keeping players active while also allowing the company to monetize the game further. A test server for Ember Rise will be available from August 19.

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