Cyberpunk 2077 – Keanu Reeves To Play The Role Of A Musician And Activist

The gaming community was taken by storm when a new title from CD Projekt Red was announced this year at E3 – Cyberpunk 2077. The studio has finished with the Witcher world as the 3 part saga of Geralt has concluded, at least for now.

The protagonist has had some crazy adventures, fulfilled his destiny with Ciri and finally settled down with the gorgeous 100-year-old Yennefer after much useless fighting. In case you went with Triss, I guess that’s fine as well.

More of the same goodness

Many would have wanted more Witcher adventures with Geralt or even someone else but the devs wanted to explore a different avenue. They are somewhat sticking with the same universe or multiverse, with the help of their traveling through space and time narrative. This is because the Cyberpunk world is one of the many Ciri traveled to, as she described it vaguely to Geralt.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in the somewhat near future, obviously. And it will feature a sort of dystopian society where some people have become more machine than anything else due to advancement in robotics. The game explores the human psyche in this world, as was done with the Witcher franchise.

Google Stadia

Google is investing heavily in its upcoming online streaming service. This will probably set the standard for Cloud-based gaming and many companies in the field are following suite. CD Projekt Red and Google have announced their collaboration as Cyberpunk will be available on Stadia.

Keanu Reeves comes to gaming

Keanu Reeves has almost broken the internet with the promo for Cyberpunk 2077 that marks his appearance. The actor’s role in the game has been described as a musician and activist. This means he will probably be some slick quest giver and all-around cool guy that you will grow very attached to. Much like people do with him in real life.

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