How do I get my old Clash of Clans village back?

recover clash of clans village

Clash of Clans is a mobile game developed and published by Supercell. Changing devices or losing a device doesn’t mean you have to start playing Clash of Clans from scratch.

Below are some of the best-recommended ways of getting back your old Clash of Clans village.

How do I get my old clash of clans village back?

Solution 1: Log in with your Supercell ID

Getting back your old CoC village back is relatively easy if you have registered your account with Supercell.

  • Launch the CoC game on your device
  • Go to the CoC settings
  • Tap on ‘Login with Supercell ID’
  • you will receive a verification number  sent to your registered email address
  • Enter the verification number
  • ‘Confirm’ that you want to load an existing game account connected with Supercell ID.

Solution 2: Use Google Play Store

  • Download and install the Clash of Clans village from Google Play Store. Use your registered email address to access Google Play Services on your device.
  • Launch the CoC game on your device
  • Go to the game’s settings and tap on the Google Play button.
  • Choose the Gmail account registered with Clash of Clans
  • Confirm the name of your village, your level, the last time you played CoC and your main village.
  • Your village will be restored on your new device.

Solution 3: Recovering Clash of Clans on the iOS device

  • Open your device’s settings
  • Navigate to ‘Game Center’>> Select ‘Apple ID.’
  • Log in. When logged in, the game will ask you to load the correct village.

Solution 4: Contact Clash of Clans team

  • Launch the Clash of Clans game on your device
  • Go to Clash of Clan’s settings and tap on ‘Help and Support.’
  • Tap on ‘Report an issue.’>> ‘Other problem.’
  • Send an email to Supercell. Your email should contain the following information:
    • Your username
    • Your Clan name
    • Your Town Hall level
    • Your XP level
    • The last time you played CoC on the village mentioned above.
    • Reasons for losing your Clash of Clans account
  • The email should be sent to [email protected] for iPhone, [email protected] for Android.

It takes about two to four weeks to get back your old Clash of Clans village. While waiting to hear from Supercell, do not play beyond level 4 on your new device.

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