New Pokemon Go Event Teased By Niantic

Niantic has been hard at work recent days as a sleuth of new announcements were released. The latest one was dropped a bit later than it was expected, but it is filled with further information. In September the exclusive bonuses which were promised during earlier summer events will be activated, but there was also something to sweeten the waiting period – a new Pokemon Go event.

Players will have the chance to catch Jirachi by completing a special research event. According to the official Pokemon lore, Jirachi is a special wish Pokemon which slumbers for a thousand years. When it wakes up, it will gran the wishes which are written on notes and tied to its head during the sleeping period.

In the vein of Mew and Celebi, Jirachi is a cute Pokemon with a tame look in comparison to the awe-inspiring aspect of other Legendary Pokemon. Several people are already working on completing the research task, and helpful guides will likely surface in the following days.

New Pokemon Go Event Teased By Niantic

At this point, the hottest tip encourages players to set a Feebas as their walking companion. They will have to walk over a distance of 20 kilometers before they can evolve it into Milotic. A large amount of candy will be necessary, but an upcoming water event should address the issue.

Many Pokemon Go players fell in love with the research tasks since they were first introduced. They offer motivation to play the game each day and excellent rewards after players manage to complete the objectives. The decision to provide them with as limited events instead of daily goals plays an essential role in making them more attractive since they don’t seem to be a mandatory grind, as in happens in the case of other mobile games.

Pokemon Go may have, more than three years ago, but a steady stream of updates kept the gameplay experience fresh by adding new features and improvements. The popular game is available for free.

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