Pokemon Go Water Festival To Bring Azelf, Mesprit, And Uxie, Among Other Novelties

One of the most expected Pokemon Go events brings up some of the most significant updates involving new characters, returns, and more. Niantic proves once again that it does undoubtedly know how it should do things to keep the fans glued to the company’s games

The Pokemon Go Water Festival is the upcoming event in the popular AR game, and while the developers praise so much their water characters, of course, we are going to get many more.

It is known of course, how the events in Pokemon Go change sometimes, especially regarding the Raid Bosses for some periods, but the Pokemon Go Water Festival will bring not only a change for the bosses status, but it will also introduce three Mythical Pokemon for all the trainers to gather. We have Water Spirits, beautifully introduced as Azelf and Mesprit, with a great return of Uxie. Players will only catch a single Pokemon because they are region-locked.

Pokemon Go Water Festival Will Also Come With Other Novelties, Too

But even if they have a status like that, it doesn’t mean we can find out the locations! Here are the exact areas when you can find all the three characters: Azelf can be found in Asia-Pacific area, Mesprit is highly spread around Europe, Africa, India, Middle East, and ultimately, we can discover Uxie in the Greenland area and America.

The characteristics for all three Pokemons are all pure Psychic-type, representing a weakness to Dark, Bug and Ghost-type fights. It is good to remember that they are powerful enough to resist Fighting and Psychic category actions. Also, to take them down, you might consider bringing a considerable number of Dark types or any Pokemons that can fight through all the Psychic-category fights.

Water Raid Bosses are also updated, some of them which are truly rare. Developers also announced that they would also bring Lapras, Vaporeon, and Blastoise in Pokemon Go Water Festival event.

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