Minecraft Earth and AR – Latest Features and Availability

Augmented reality or AR is taking some real twists and turns nowadays. The tech is evolving and is slowly being incorporated into various forms of entertainment. Games are a prime place to use technology.

Games like Ingress and Pokemon GO are paving the way for AR. These games are showing what can be done with the early forms of technology. Pokemon GO has used AR so well that it has about 1.8 billion users worldwide.

Minecraft Earth and AR

Minecraft is making some moves in the gaming industry as it is developing a couple of games that are based on the classic version. One of these games is Minecraft Earth and it will use AR as a major component for interacting with the surroundings.

Minecraft Earth will supposedly take a page from Pokemon GO and use AR to improve their franchise. They already have 91 monthly users and the move to AR will definitely see the franchise gain many more.

Players could theoretically build on top of structures or terrain in the real world. It is being said that Minecraft Earth players will be able to interact with each other’s constructs. Because Minecraft is about creating things, it could make for some interesting displays between the virtual world and the real world.

Minecraft Earth features

The game will use the classic game as a base. Everything will still be about blocks and presumably about crafting. Collecting resources and fighting monsters will stay more or less the same. Experience points will also be a thing in Minecraft Earth but there will be some operational changes for the game to work with the new platform. Maybe some new content too?

Minecraft Earth availability

The game will begin as a beta version in mid-2019 and the target is to release it with the coming of Autumn. There will be a limited release at first because the devs need to work out much of the entire planet and make entire continents available on the AR platform. A total of 5 cities will start the development of the game with more to come in time.

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