PUGB Account Ban: 5 Things to Avoid

avoid pugb account ban

PUGB is creating a whole lot of excitement in the gaming world. And while the game offers a fair challenge, the underhand efforts of some players (cheats) are bastardizing the gameplay. To curb this menace, Tencents (PUGB developer) have put forth a number of “anti-cheat” rules. And any player that violates these rules risk getting banned.

While these rules are clearly spelt out, myriads of players still fall victim of Tencent’s axe. Hence, to protect you from PUGB account ban, here’s a list of five things to avoid while playing the game.

5 things that lead to PUGB account ban

There are two basic forms of PUGB account ban – the permanent ban and the temporary ban. The former spans between 10 and 100 years, while the latter lasts for only a few days.

To the point; below is a summary of five major things that can result to PUGB account ban:

  1. Deployment of game hacks

If you’re the type that uses game hacks, do away with it while playing PUGB Mobile.

By using hacks in PUGB, you risk getting banned for close to 100 years; in other word, forever.

PUGB have a standard “cheat detection” system in place, which identifies hacks in the game.

  1. Deployment of third-parry boosters

By usng third-party apps to boost performance in PUGB Mobile, you risk losing your account for life.

Deployment of nonproprietary “boosters” is classified as cheating under Tencent’s “anti-cheat” law. And any account found culpable is banned permanently.

Hence, to avoid PUGB account ban, try as much as possible to stay away from third-party “boosters”.

  1. Abusive teammates/opponents

The use of foul or inappropriate language is quite notorious in virtually all gaming hubs, and this is no different on PUGB Mobile.

To curb this menace, Tencent provides a feature that enables players to report inappropriate behaviors. The punishment for this is a few days suspension (temporary ban).

  1. Bugs abuse

Many PUGB players are known to abuse bugs at any given opportunity. Doing this puts you at the risk of getting a permanent ban.

  1. Killing teammates

Surprisingly, this is classified as a minor offence, which warrants only suspension (temporary ban) for a few days. However, if a player commits this offence multiple times, such player risks getting banned for life.

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