World of Warcraft Classic Top Servers Available Soon with New Changes

We have some news for the people who waited for World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard announced some new updates and we want to tell you all the details about it.

Before the launch of the new World of Warcraft Classic that is set to happen on August 27, the developer of the game had to make some pretty cool announcements regarding the new features and updates of the game.

Some of the updates

The first one is related to the characters. The players won’t be limited to three characters anymore, they will be able to choose between ten characters per realm.

If that wasn’t enough, Blizzard decided to introduce four more World of Warcraft Classic servers. The developer anticipated that a lot of people will want to play the game as soon as it will be out and that could lead to big queues. That’s why they had to come up with this idea.

Some of you could play the game early

We are not excluding the fact that World of Warcraft Classic could go live earlier for some lucky players, on August 26. Blizzard had something to say to these gamers. If they manage to play the game earlier and they see that the servers are full, they should not panic. Their option is to play one of the brand new realms.

The developer came up with this good method in order to keep the players away from the possible lengthy queues. Blizzard is constantly thinking of ways to improve their games and to offer the coolest play experience.

The developer added that World of Warcraft Classic will bring a recreation of the original game, so we know what to expect.

That’s all the information available so far on World of Warcraft Classic. We hope you’ll enjoy the new game and all it has to offer. Stay tuned for more updates.

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