Fight to Save the World from Extinction in the New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game

Earth is, in general, a peaceful planet. But one day, it started to thrive with zombies and other dreadful creatures who have the impending desire to conquer the planet and kill all the life forms roaming on it. When our beloved Earth has to face a tremendous scourge like this, drastic measures and courageous fighters are needed to fix the problem.

Therefore, it’s only up to you to bring peace back to our planet once again. We’re talking about what happens in the brand new game ‘Survivor Legacy‘ that was released this month and has been developed by GameHollywood.

In this new game, the protagonist was sent away from Earth with the purpose of getting his hands on useful resources. Meanwhile, horrendous forces of evil started threatening all life on our planet. The player’s mission is saving Earth from the danger of extinction. Piece of cake!

The characters of this game are very unique: they feature very ingenious and scary designs. From a muscular dude who likes to smash heads with his huge bat to a sniper-loving hot girl, the characters of Survivor Legacy seem destined to assure the player tons of hours of fun gameplay. Let’s see better what the characters are made of:

Kentus, the King of Club

Class: S

Type: Commando

One mistake is to ever underestimate the ‘Survivor Legacy’ characters, because they can always surprise us with their dreadfulness. Kentus is another great example: muscular, tall, armored, and always carrying around a huge bat. The guy also has bloodstains all over him. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how he got them.

Steve, The Master of Rifle

Class: B

Type: Commando

Judging only by his name, you would see that he’s just a regular guy who likes petting cats in the spare time. But Steve’s ways of reckoning are very savage and deadly. The guy carries along with many bullet-piercing guns, and he’s an expert in playing with all of them. His hobby is inflicting pain to his enemies.

The Destroyer Sally

Class: A

Type: Commando

Her name may sound innocent and she is a woman indeed, but Sally is no-one to mess with. Her minigun is her favorite toy and she isn’t afraid of using it. She gets angry like a naughty and chubby little girl, but her ways of solving problems don’t imply asking for forgiveness or having any mercy to those who piss her off.  Sally frequently provides constant fire support to her comrades.

Name: Tycoon


Class: S

Type: Commando

This character is a deadly cyborg. Being a former president of a corporation, Tycoon later found an efficient way to become stronger by creating for himself a mechanical suit that will make his hits more damaging.

Hawk The Pivotal Shooter

Class: A

Type: Sniper

‘Survivor Legacy’ has plenty of snipers, and everybody likes snipers in video games. There are even girls having snipers as their favorite toys in this game. Hawk is a survival expert who can camouflage himself, play with the crossbow in deadly ways, and more. And yes, you’ve already guessed it: instead of saying ‘Hello!’, he prefers to land an arrow into his opponent.

Extra rewards for defeating Walkers

The game’s exciting features simply won’t end. If you want to get your hands on 16 pieces of Shards of the S-Class hero, you just have to find them nasty Walkers and teach them some manners. These rewards are practically Doctor and speed-up items that last for a few hours of gameplay. You will even receive 400 pieces of Hero Shard and 1000+ hours of speed-up items if you defeat Walkers of all levels.

Furthermore, if you’re a Guild member, an extra Guild Gift will be given to you. This practically means resources and Speed-up Items for each victory.  Guild Gifts exist to improve your Guild’s level.

But there’s even more good news the ‘Survivor Legacy’ game is bringing to its players: fighting the Walkers cannot cause any casualties to your army. Walkers are pretty much only cannon fodder. Therefore, slaying Walkers is always a good idea if you need more EXP, resources, and others.

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