GTA 5: Time to Hop into The Pink Flying Car – A New Outstanding Vehicle

Why spend time while waiting news for GTA 6 when the good ol’ GTA 5 is still out there and ready to embark you in an exciting world of crimes, shooting, and of course: lots of different vehicles. Being released¬† seven years ago, the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series is facing an insane success, and it doesn’t show any signs that it wants to get rid of it. GTA 5 is in the top 3 best selling games of all time, along with Tetris and Minecraft.

This clearly means that you must take advantage of GTA 5 as much as possible if you’re a fan. One good way is by finding the pink flying car Deluxo and explore the huge map with it.

A true mechanical beast

You might have already guessed that Deluxo is not an ordinary car at all. This set of wheels can embark the player in a never-seen-before journey. The vehicle is capable of very high speed, it can fly, and it has guns and missile launcher mounted on it. Deluxo is a great option when you want to fight the police, special forces, and even the army. It’s also a suitable choice if you want simply to run away from the authorities. Marching in the air makes you lose your wanted level a lot faster than when you’re on foot or in a normal car. But the good news doesn’t end here: Deluxo allows you to make plenty of maneuvers while flying it, so feel free to let loose your imagination if you’re a GTA 5 player!

How to get the car

The car can only be purchased in the online version of GTA 5 (aka GTA Online). That means you need a legal copy of GTA 5 in order to have access to the online version, and some money into your bank account from the game so that you’ll be able to buy the pink Deluxo.

If you have a problem with the pink color, too bad. The vehicle has to be this color so it won’t make NPC’s suspect how dangerous it is.

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