Supportive Sonic Fans Are Setting An Example

With the current situation that the world is living today, the game industry is facing a hard time delivering their products. Fans are disappointed that their precious awaited games are getting postponed; however, it seems that lately, some fans are becoming more understanding. Fans who have been waiting for the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog were expecting to have better news than what the officials of the game offered.

SXSW event was canceled, but there was still some hope for the upcoming game. However, it won’t happen very soon, according to the official Twitter account of the game. The Sonic the Hedgehog fans are giving a good vibe, and we appreciate their patience. Although, it has been a while since a Sonic game has been released. We also understand the eagerness of the fans, but don’t worry, the game was just delayed, not canceled.

Fans express their feelings regarding the unfortunate delay on Twitter, and we must admit that some of them really heart-melting messages. We like the feel of positives, especially in the current situation. The novel coronavirus pandemic has created a series of unfortunate events.

Here are a few tweets:

“The state of the world is unfortunate, but I’m glad you’re handling this in a professional manner,” posted @Star_Bird06.

“Never mind the teasers. Just do what you can to make the new games the best they can be.

But please don’t overwork yourselves, guys. You shouldn’t give up, but you don’t owe us anything either.

We’re all behind you, Sonic Team,” posted @BCMediaPlayer.

“Everyone must realise during these times not everyone can do much, and the people who are still trying are doing their best to provide for you and others.

Relax, they’ll eventually announce the Mean Bean Machine remake,” posted @PuyoOfficiaI.

What do you feel about the delay of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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