Samsung Infinity Flex New Leaks – Handset with Two Foldable Screens

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will not have one but two foldable screens. The first is called Cover Display and is meant to display notification messages and assist in accessing basic cell phone features. The second, with a much more spacious screen opens to provide approximately the surface of a compact tablet.

Expected in 2019, Samsung Infinity Flex could be one of the most impressive smartphone products since the iPhone’s debut so far. Sure, we have heard of two-screen phones, but this time, the benefits it offers could be much more noticeable and appreciated.

By overtaking major changes for app developers, the new smartphone could deliver a very different user experience than we have been used to as Android or iOS users so far. For now, Samsung keeps the final design secret and we can only speculate on how the two screens are used.

The Samsung Infinity Flex features a 4.58″ Cover Display on the outside of the case. This is an OLED 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 840×1960 pixels, corresponding to a density of 420 ppi.

Hidden on the inside when the phone is closed, the Main Display slides vertically and appears as a 7.3″ screen with a non-standard aspect ratio of 4.2:3. The resolution of 1536×2152 pixels corresponds to the same density of 420ppi, the OLED panel offering a picture quality similar to the one installed on the outside of the phone case. Thus, Samsung makes no difference between the two screens, whatever may be the main role, depending on what we are doing at the time.

Android 9.0 Pie will include all the necessary changes to the OS, but it may take some time for app developers to come up. Those who want to be unprepared can work with the new flicker software emulator made available by Google.

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