Cloudflare to Bring on iOS and Android

It’s been months since they announced the privacy-focused DNS service, which is called Cloudflare. Currently, we know that it will bring to mobile users.

We all know that there’s nothing that could’ve stopped people from using on their phones or on their tablets. The app is now available for iPads, iPhones and even Android devices. The whole point is to make it easier for the clients to use their free consumer DNS service. The app is quite simple, with a button, that requires a push in order to switch it on and off again.

What’s the app about?

Cloudflare released quite recently, in April, the 1st of April to be exact, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the privacy. The San Francisco-based networking company is all in for that. When you use the service, you see that Cloudflare deals with all your DNS information – it’s like an app from your phone asks you to connect to the internet, or it’s like you type in the web address of a certain site.

Why should you get the app?

If you decide to use the DNS data through, it might be quite difficult for your internet provider to see which sites you visit. You also can get access to a site you want, without your connection being hijacked or censored.

We must see that it’s not exactly perfect at keeping the secrets of the state, but it’s still better than nothing. The service works really fast, the pages load very quickly, especially if we’re talking about those parts of the world in which the internet is a bit slower.

If you choose to go for this app, you get a better choice at having faster and private internet surfing.

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