5G iPhone To Be Available by 2020

We thought this would never happen. You could say the same since it didn’t really sound like Apple would like to release an iPhone that comes with 5G support sometime in the next year. But we have some pieces of evidence that show it otherwise. After all, it seems that an iPhone with 5G will hit the market in 2020.

How it all started

It all started on Monday, when Intel made an announcement about its new Intel XMM 8160 chip that has 5G support. The company said that the 5G chip is going to be able to bolster incredible speeds – three to six times faster than the LTE modems that we see today.

Some more details about the chip

We will get to meet this new chip in the second half of 2019 – when it will hit the market, and Intel wants its products to be commercially available, just like phones are – and all of this by 2020. The company states that they pushed the launch date ahead with more than six months in order to be able to make this thing possible realistically.

Why didn’t Apple come with this device faster?

We believe there’s one reason why Apple did not want to release a 5G iPhone faster – next year – and that’s because Qualcomm would be the only one to have a 5G chip ready in time. We’ve all heard of the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple, so it’s not possible for Apple to use the 5G chip from Qualcomm.

Apple makes the most out of the chips from Intel for its iPhones, and Intel will have that 5G chip ready next year, so it’s a clear piece of evidence that by 2020, iPhones could bolster 5G.

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