Android Q Previews Would Reach More Users

Rumors from a worker in the Google Company say that the Android Q previews could become available on many more devices than it already does. The hint was dropped by the engineer Hung-ying Tyan from the Google Project Team during an Android developer summit.

The engineer commented about the pure version of Android, Generic System Images (GSIs).  The GSI is relaying on the code of (AOSP) Android Open Source Project in order to test the compatibility rapport between Android mobile phones.

The main use of GSI is to help users to experience fast updates via Project Treble through the hardware, to make sure it works on the smartphones. However, Google seems to want a wider range of use cases for the GSI.

“The team is exploring ways to make future GSI available earlier than the release of next Android version. So you will be able to try out next Android version earlier over GSI.” Hung-ying reported.

Hung-ying talks about the beneficial report between the users and the team, as the more users access the software the more and faster they get a feedback and can improve further.

A tricky process, according to Hung-ying would be the GSI testing. This means that more Android users will gain access to the upcoming version of Android, Android Q, sooner than the original release date. The Google Company gave permission to Pixel to test the Android P Developer Preview software in March last year and the release was in August.

The earlier appearance of GSI brings the advantage that any Project Treble-equipped smartphone will be able to run the coming up Developer Previews.

This is a theory for the moment, but Hung-ying said that there is a big possibility to happen in the future. So keep up with the rumors and information to find out more.

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