Decompiled Google Home 2.7: Here’s What Features We Might Get Next

Decompiling an APK is always interesting because we get to see lines of code which might indicate upcoming features. It is like a sneak peek for most apps and it is always fascinating. Recently, Google Home received a new version, and the APK for it has been decompiled. Let’s see what it has been discovered.

Removing Voice Match

In settings, a new option popped up under “Privacy”. You can now choose to “Remove Voice Match”. By doing this, the “Device will no longer recognize your voice”. This can come in handy if you want to reset the voice saved by the Assistant.

Set the minimum brightness

It was also observed that under Display Settings a new option appeared. You can “Set the minimum brightness of the screen,” and there are four options available: Dark, Dim, Bright, and Brighter. We don’t know yet if this control is used solely for low light or it belongs to general settings. We tried changing these settings, but there were no visible effects, which means that the feature is not activated yet. We must also mention that all the other settings that appear under “General” are meant for low light.

For example, there is “low light activation” and you get to choose whether you want low light mode to begin when the room is dark or dim. There is also an option that allows you to choose what your screen will show during low light. You can choose between “Show clock” and “Turn off screen”.

Material Theme improvements

We could also see some minor changes when it comes to Material Theme. For example, there are rectangular buttons used instead of just text and arrows. We were also able to see a small improvement for cards fonts in the Explore tab.

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