iPad Pro 2018 is a Great Creative Complement for Mac Users

The new iPad Pro is a very interesting piece of technology. Apple tried their best to turn the tablet into a viable alternative for larger systems while also keeping the device stylish and portable.

Some users don’t believe that an iPad can offer you all that you need, but this was never the goal for the device. iPads were designed for Apple users that enjoy a bigger screen than the one found on their iPhone while also being easier to carry around when compared to a MacBook or Mac desktop and still allowing them to complete productivity tasks.

The iPad Pro has become popular among creators, even more so when the Apple Pencil was released. Many people use it for daily tasks like photo editing, graphic design and motion graphics. While the iPad uses a modified iOS version you can use fully fledged apps, among which we can count Lightroom CC, Adobe Illustrator, Vectornator 2, Procreate and many others.

Drawing on the iPad is an intuitive task, made easier by the Apple Pencil, which allows you to customize your experience according to any preference.

All is not perfect, as there are some differences that may hinder users willing to make the transition towards the tablet. Learning to properly use the iPad after years spent on a desktop system will take a while but the experience is certainly more enjoyable.

Some argue that the time spent on learning how to master the iPad Pro is wasted since better software is available on the other platforms. This is particularly obvious when it comes to motion graphics as some task are hard to do and file management is quite awful.

Surprisingly, the iPad Pro shines when it comes to image editing, as the Apple Pencil offer a higher level of precision and comfort in comparison to the classic keyboard and mouse setup.

With each system offering advantages and disadvantages, we believe that the iPad Pro is a great device that can complement your traditional Mac experience.

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