New Windows 10 October Preview Build is Now Available with New Features

After a few weeks spent on fixing the notorious Windows 10 October update the Redmond company is already working on making its flagship OS better. A new Windows 10 Preview build is already available for prospective users that want to be the first to enjoy the new features.

The main attraction is the integration of a new light theme that dramatically changes to look of the interface, from the Start menu to keyboard. This theme is clearly aimed at users that enjoy a lighter environment. If you already have a light theme enabled you will need to manually select the new theme by going to Settings/Personalization/Colors.

Windows Update won’t force you to drop what you are doing anymore

Fans have been asking for a long while to have a say when it comes to installing important updates and it seems that Microsoft has finally decided to listen. In the new build Microsoft added a new feature called ‘’Intelligent Active Hours’’ which will optimize your Active Hours schedule by tracking your activity during the day. Active Hour is a period during which Windows will not install a new update as you are actively using your PC. The setting has to be enabled from Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update/ Change Active Hours.

Windows 10 Pro users will also receive the option to pause updates for a limited time period but the option will once again require you to opt for by visiting the Advanced Options page.

Improved Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch may not be as innovative as Microsoft likes to think. While it replaced the already functional Snipping tool the utility program does offer a host of additional features.  New inking capabilities were added and you will be able to select a window automatically.

There are also several minor improvements, like a redesigned print dialogue and a more talkative narrator that will be able to convey more information to users.

More features may be added before the final build will be released.

Laura Modin

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