Samsung A9 2018 Update Enhances the Camera Experience

Samsung surprised the world when the 2018 version of its best-selling Samsung A9 terminal was officially unveiled. The A9 is the first smartphone to feature four independent cameras placed on the back of the device. Most manufactures offer a triple camera configuration and Google’s Pixel 3 showed that one camera is good enough if you pair it with a capable software suite.

A new software update will improve the camera experience as the description notes that image stabilization and image quality have been addressed.

The update is only available in select locations where the device is already on sale. In countries like India the update will come preloaded as the device will be available for sale in a few days. It is rather disappointing that the update was tied to the October security patch in some countries while it is only now available in others.

Users have been fascinated by the unique four camera setup. It is important to note that unlike the cameras on other devices which work in tandem in order to create a picture the cameras present on the A9 can be selected individually by touching the corresponding icon while the Camera app is active.

While there are 4 cameras only three can be used directly as the fourth one is employed by the phone automatically in order to measure depth. The features has been called ‘’Live Focus’’ and it is pretty helpful.

The most impressive camera features a 24 MP, F/1.7 sensor which is able to capture even in high luminosity conditions. An 8MP f/2.4 120-degree camera will net you some sweet shots in panorama mode and a telephoto 10 MP f/2.4 is handy when the object of interest is far away.

A whopping 19 modes are available in order to help users to take the best shots possible, including a dedicated Food mode.

If you have a 2018 Samsung A9 you can download the update now by going to Settings/Software and tapping on the Software Update option.

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