Dragon Age 4 To Be Available Soon – New Rumors and Leaks

Are you a Dragon Age fan waiting to see what the 4th part of this awesome game will bring? If the answer is Yes, you might be in luck. Although Dragon Age 3 was released in 2014 and since then we didn’t hear anything about episode no. 4, recent activity from the gaming community might mean some news on this subject.

Recently, the BioWare official Instagram account was the host of a controversial post. The image of a Dragon Age fan wearing an Inquisitor costume was considered to be a teaser for the 4th part of the game. The admirers were very excited about this, but maybe we shouldn’t jump into any conclusions yet.

Dragon Age 4 raises a lot of question marks

The fans’ enthusiasm about the picture shared on BioWare’s Instagram account could make EA realize just how much gamers want to play Dragon Age 4 in the near future. However, developers didn’t confirm anything or released any official information about the game’s potential release any time soon.

So far, EA didn’t leave any information leak, so nobody can say for sure if the franchise’s 4th episode is even under development as we speak. Considering the company’s tendency to keep everything a secret until they are almost ready to launch a new profit source, we might not find out anything for a long time.

If it ever shows up, Dragon Age 4 could bring awesome updates and the series would evolve in a completely unexpected, mad way. The community is crazy about getting into competitions in the game’s fantasy world. This means that the field could be getting really crowded in the 4th part of the franchise.

Fans are getting very anxious to find out more information about Dragon Age 4 and whether it will hit the gaming market. Let’s hope that EA will understand this and release the episode soon!

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