Google Pixel 3 Gets Unbelievable Upgrade

At the beginning of the month, we received Google Pixel 3. This device has been awaited by all its fans, and it did not disappoint. The smartphone uses a pure Android version and it receives updates right away. It also comes with a rear camera sensor which might be considered the best one on the market. However, it appears that things are about to become even better. That’s because the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are getting a major upgrade.

Google Duplex

According to a Mountain View spokesperson, a small number of Pixel users already have access to Google Duplex. For those who do not know, Google Duplex was announced as a service for reservations and bookings with the help of the Google Assistant.

The CEO, Sundar Pichai offered more details about their vision for the assistant. He explained what their goal is:

The vision for our assistant is to help you get things done. It turns out, a big part of getting things done making a phone call, you may want to get an oil change scheduled, maybe call a plumber in the middle of the week, or even schedule a haircut appointment. We are working hard to help users through those moments, we want to connect users to businesses in a good way.

In order to activate Google Duplex, users will just have to ask the Assistant to make a booking for them. The assistant will then call and make the reservation. Pichai also explained that businesses could benefit a lot from this service. This is especially true for small businesses don’t have the reservations systems they need:

Businesses actually rely a lot on this, but even in the US, 60 percent of small businesses don’t have an online booking system set up. We think AI can help with this problem. We’ve been working on this technology for many years, it’s called Google Duplex.

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