Want To Quit Facebook? Here Are The Best Alternatives For It

Let’s face it; social media can become exhausting. Deleting your Facebook account -can represent a wise decision. This is especially true after all the scandals surrounding the company. Unfortunately, Facebook does have some useful functions. If you are planning to delete your account, here are some alternatives for Facebook tools.

GroupMe for groups

Many people felt the need to keep their Facebook account just to keep in touch with their friends via group chats. Luckily for you, you can use GroupMe if you want to set up large group conversations. This app is owned by Skype and Microsoft, which makes it very reliable. The experience is very similar to the one offered by Facebook. We should also add that most messaging apps have the option to create group chats, so you shouldn’t find it hard to pick an alternative.

Google Calendar for events

Facebook helps you keep track of events, and it makes it simple to come up with a schedule. Google Chrome can be a good replacement for that and it is a good way of creating your private events. Most people have a Google account, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to share your events either.

Google Calendar allows you to set a location, attach a file and some notes related to the event. You can invite other people with their email address. You also have the option to share calendars with others so you can come up with a plan that matches everyone’s program.

Snapchat for stories

Facebook has stories for quite some time, but if you think you will miss those, you should remember that Snapchat was the OG when it comes to stories. Besides, Snapchat has numerous additional features, from effects, filters and stickers, messages and the ability to tag your friends as well.

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