The Sims 5 Release Date and Expectations

The Sims series definitely represent the most popular simulation games. It was not certain that we would receive The Sims 5, but after the success of the last edition, we expect EA to come with a follow up. However, there is no official word from Electronic Arts when it comes to the date when they are planning to release the Sims 5. Nonetheless, this did not stop fans from speculating.


Fans are looking forward to see gameplay improvements in the Sims 5. There are a couple of things missing In the Sims 4, and we expect them to appear in the upcoming game. We don’t know yet when the Sims 5 will be release, it is also likely that we will get it in 2020. Despite this fact, fans already know what they want to see in the game.

Creating a style for your Sim

The Sims 4 allowed players to customise the bodies of their sims any way they wanted. However, many fans believe that there still aren’t enough options when it comes to clothes, hairstyles or makeup. For many people it is very important to personalize their sims, and additional grooming options would let them do that.

Moving freely

Many people were disappointed when they discovered that the Sims 4 had removed free mobility. In the previous Sims game, characters could walk around wherever they wanted. However, this changed when The Sims 4 was launched, and a loading screen popped up even when a sim was trying to visit a neighbour.

More professions

The recent Sims game did come with more professions, but EA could improve that even more. There are multiple jobs that could be added to the game, and each one come bring its own challenges for the players.

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