2001: A Space Odyssey Will Be Screened In 8K Format For New 8K Television Channel

Stanely Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a visually compelling movie and one that has marked the history of cinema. It appears that its fans will have a chance to experience it once again, more vividly than ever.

The many famous scenes become even more vivid, with the attention to detail of director Stanley Kubrick expressed in the exquisite images, creating the feeling of really being on a trip in space, allowing the film to be enjoyed for the first time at home, explained NHK.

The movie will be screened in 8K for the upcoming 8K channel that belongs to the Japanese broadcaster NHK. 8K comes with numerous image improvements and it can even enhance the sound experience.

8K technology

The upcoming 8K channel is definitely a step forward for technology. There are companies such as LG and Samsung that have announced 8K television sets.“8K is at the moment based around watching at the time of broadcast. We plan to increase the number of chances to watch through rebroadcasts,” explained NHK.

Joe Cox, editor-in-chief of technology news site What Hi-Fi, offered us more information about 8K television:

Content has always been crucial for a new TV technology to take off. The launch of the world’s first 8K TV channel is great news, even if it is only in Japan. But realistically, mass market adoption is still a long, long way off.

While the likes of Amazon and Netflix have charged head first into 4K this year, the BBC is only at the trial stage, and others are still struggling to stream HD, so 8K remains a pipedream in the UK.

But with TV brands suggesting 8K resolution screens can improve 4K and even HD pictures, expect to see plenty more 8K TVs in 2019, even if the content doesn’t come so quickly.”

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