Brand New Feature Arrives On Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the programs that continues to improve itself in order to offer the best services available to its users. Recently the app received a new feature that should be useful in the future. Let’s see what this is about.

Messaging businesses

The New Google Maps option allows you to message other business. You will see the new option show up when you open the profile page of a business. Once you select that option a chat will pop up and you can type your questions there. Google explained why they added the tool:

Last year we enabled users in select countries to message businesses from the Business Profiles on Google. Sending messages to businesses gives you the opportunity to ask questions without having to make a phone call so that you can order a cake for your mom’s birthday while on the bus or find out if a shoe store has your size without having to wait on hold.

The hashtag feature

It appears that the messaging tool is not the only new thing for Google Maps. According to TechCrunch, it is possible to add hashtags to Google Maps reviews. It appears that this function is only available on Android platforms at the moment.

For example, you could review a restaurant and add the hashtag “vegan” for it. This would make the information accessible instantly for other users. It appears that Google recommends that users use at least five hashtags at the end of each review. This would definitely make it a lot easier to find specific locations.

In addition to that, the hashtag must be specific and add further information. These means that hashtags such as “food” should not be included. Tapping on a hashtag reveals other similar locations.

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