Everything You Should Know About WhatsApp’s Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that is beloved by all users, and it isn’t surprising that most websites and apps try to use it. This mode is easy on the eyes and it can also help preserve the battery life. WhatsApp appears to be the next app that will add this.

Users have been expecting this feature since September, and there have been no signs that it will be added soon. Nonetheless, news portal WABetaInfo gave us more details. He tweeted some updates:

I receive a lot of questions about the Dark Mode. It’s still under development and there is no news now, be patient please. When there is news on iOS and Android, you will obviously receive more info from me, don’t worry.

Screenshots of a WhatsApp chat using dark mode have already appeared online. The interface uses black for the backgrounds, and a dark grey for the keyboard. The feature will be available for all devices.

The big update

Back in September, WABetaInfo were  the ones that revealed that a big update is coming to WhatsApp, and the dark mode will be included in it. This is what they posted back then:

I’m happy to exclusively give the good news: WhatsApp is finally working on a Dark Mode! It’s a dream.

There are many important secret references in recent updates!

Be patient to see it out, hoping it will be FULL OLED friendly for Android phones, iPhone X and newer!

While the highly anticipated feature was not released back then, it appears that we won’t have to wait for too long. We can even hope that the dark mode will arrive by the end of the month since this would be a great way to end this year.

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