Do You Need To Replace Your iPhone Battery? Do It Before The Year Is Over

Apple had to go through quite a scandal last year after it admitted that it made old iPhones run slowly. The company claimed that this was a method of preserving their batteries, but many users did not buy it and lawsuits followed.

Apple issued a public apology and came for a solution. It brought a reduced cost battery program that remained available for 2018. However, the year is almost over and you have just a couple of weeks left to take advantage of the offer.

Need a battery replacement?

If you want to see the current state of your battery you can use the new feature introduced by Apple. Just head over to Settings and go to Battery. There tap on “Battery Health”. You should see some basic stats about your battery, including its ability to work at peak performance. If it can’t, you will be advised to replace your battery.

In order to replace your battery you need to head over to the online support page of Apple and select iPhone, go to Battery & Charging and then go to Battery replacement. If there is an Apple Store close by you can select Bring In For Repair. By doing this you will spend less time.

If there is not Apple Store close to you, you need to get a Genius bar appointment. You can also choose to send your iPhone for repair. According to their website, they will “help you arrange shipment to an Apple Repair Center at your convenience”. The repairs will take “up to 5 business days”.

The reduced cost program is available for iPhone 6 and higher. At the moment it costs $29 to replace your battery. However, once the program is over it will cost you $49 for the iPhone 8 and older, $69 for the iPhone X, iPhone XS family, and iPhone XR.

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