Facebook Vice President Talks About Messenger and The Importance Of 1-to-1 Communication

Facebook has become a giant in the past years and it is one of the most popular ways of keeping in touch with loved ones. Facebook leaders are aware of their responsibility and they are doing their best to enhance the communication features.

Their insight is very interesting as well. Stan Chudnovsky is Facebook’s vice president is also the one in charge of the Messenger app, and he had a couple of things to share with us.

One-to-one communication is crucial

According to Chudnovsky, no form of communication can compare to one-to-one communication.

One-to-one private sharing trumps everything.  If you think about it, forget about the Internet. Think about us as humans. That’s actually a basic human need. That stayed with us for as long we’ve existed as humans. Stories like Robinson Crusoe are wonderful, but you know they’re not true because any psychologist will tell you a person on their own on an uninhabited island will go crazy in about six months. If you’re very strong, maybe eight.

The next step is one-to-small group communication. According to Chudnovsky, this is also a need, but humans can live without it. People also desire large groups communication, but the need for that is a lot lower.

The vice president also explained why Messenger received a redesign. According to him, this was necessary because there were certain elements which could affect the usage of the app. He added that Facebook does not want users to feel as if the app is cluttered. While he did not share any numbers, he revealed that a “significant number of people” have Messenger has their main communication app. “And that number is growing, we’re quite pleased with that,” he concluded.

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