Google Play Store: “Device Not Compatible” Error Issue Solved

There are many users that reported they got the “Device not compatible” error message when they opened Google Play Store to try to install or update the GetUpside app. This happened even if the devices were supposed to be compatible with the GetUpside app. We’ve written this article to help you in solving the issues with Google Play Store.

Apps Instagram and Clash of Clans are also affected

Experts looked more into this issue and they have found out that there are many other apps which encountered this issue, including Instagram (that has 1B+ installs) and Clash of Clans (that has about 100M + installs). Apparently, it’s a problem with Google’s Android operating system.

What should you do in order to fix the problem

In order to fix this error message with “your device is not compatible with this version”, first you need to clear the Google Play Store cache, and then the data. After this, you have to restart the Google Play Store and try to install the app once again.

After this, pull down the notification bar from your Android device and tap on the gear-shaped settings icon, or you can simply find the Settings in the tray of the app. From there, go to Apps, or App Manager. Then, scroll down and find the Google Play Store. Tap it, and then press on Clear Cache or Data. If you do this, you will see that it should erase everything, even the corrupt files that are probably causing these issues. Supercell and Instagram, which are the makers of Clash of Clans, got some feedback regarding this way of solving the problem, and people seem to be very pleased with the alternatives.

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