ZTE Nubia X Can Prove To Be A Worthy Rival For Apple

IPhone 11 might have an unexpected competitor in the future. This handset is already highly anticipated, but recent leaks convinced us that there will be at least on worthy rival for it: ZTA Nubia X. Nubia is a subrand for the Chinese manufacturer ZTE. Recent leaks allowed us to learn more about this handset, and we have to admit that it looks quite promising.


In terms of design, it appears that ZTE Nubia X has something special prepared. This device could come with a dual-display technology which is something that no other company has produced. The rear side of the device will look normal, but it can transform into a 5.1-inch OLED screen. Users will even be able to take selfies as long as they use the “wake up” function. This is something truly revolutionary.

We should also mention that the device comes with a color-blending feature, which looks truly amazing. You can watch a video of it here.

Basically, the back of the handset and the color of the screen blend together, and the visual effect is truly impressive.

Chinese manufacturers

In the close future we anticipate that Chinese manufacturers will become a serious threat for companies such as Apple and Samsung. We should also remember that OnePlus and Xiaomi were able to introduce in-display fingerprint sensors, which allowed smartphones to have a smooth seamless display.

Additionally, companies such as Vivo and Honor managed to do what Apple couldn’t: create all-screen phones. Both manufacturers were able to come up with different sliding mechanisms which helped hide the camera of the phone.

With all the developments we had so far, 2019 should be an amazing year for smartphones. This time, the competition will be tighter than ever.

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