New Security Update Download Available for Android 9 Devices

The latest security update for Android should become available soon. Usually the monthly updates improve the overall security level but this month the update also includes a patch that targets Google Pixel smartphones.

The patch fixes a variety of minor issue like annoying screen flickers or apps that close unexpectedly when they are minimized. Read below to learn more about the patch. If you own a Pixel 3 we recommend the patch as it will dramatically improve your user experience.

Better RAM management and background app fixes

Several users noted on the dedicated forums that the Google Pixel 2 and 3 have been closing background apps prematurely without any notification. The issue has been addressed and the patch notes mention that RAM management has been improved in order to prevent the problem on the Pixel 2, 2XL, Pixel 3 and 3XL devices that were affected.

The annoying flicker bug is gone

The ambient lock screen on Pixel 3 devices has been plagued by a flicker bug but it seems that Google managed to squash it in the latest patch.

Take better pictures with the new camera improvements

The camera on Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 smartphones has been improved as users will be able to customize autofocus behavior and enjoy a faster shutter performance.

Improved media and connectivity support

The update also adds some changes when it comes to media and Bluetooth. Bluetooth connections will now offer a unified volume behavior across all Pixel devices. Users that own older Pixel devices will also enjoy a faster unlocking speed while their device is connected via Bluetooth.

Pixel 3 owners will enjoy increased recognition speed for audio devices that are connected via the USB-C port and apps that use HDR will also gain a performance boost.

Enhanced Pixel Stand experience

Users that opted to buy a Pixel Stand for the Pixel 3 line will be happy to learn that notification visibility and Hotword recognition have been improved.

How to upgrade?

An OTA update will be soon available and a notification on your home screen will allow you to install the update. Those that prefer manual updates can flash their devices with an updated factory image.

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