Sony Xperia XZ4: New Features and a Better Camera

It all happened not long ago, when OnLeaks and MySmartPrice have published an exclusive CAD render for a soon-to-be, unannounced Sony Xperia XZ4 smartphone. The smartphone features a vertical triple rear camera, a huge screen, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The renders

As per some reports, the smartphone will have a 6.5-inch worth of display with 166.9×72.4×8.2mm dimensions. The fingerprint sensor is not placed on the back anymore, as we were used with. However, it will have a side-mounted reader, that’s based on the design of the power button.

The smartphone will also come with a triple sport camera and a bump – a vertical design with a LED flash on top.

What do we want to see in this smartphone?

A better camera

Many of the Xperia smartphones have amazing specs when it comes to their camera. Smartphone Sony Xperia XZ4, which was released in October, is a very good example, even if it has its downs,a too – with dynamic range and low-light conditions.

A better software

Some clients complained about the software of Xperia XZ3. The device has Android 9 Pie. However it has many downs, including apps that cannot be uninstalled. There are also some half-baked features on the device. Let’s hope that the new phone won’t have these issues.

A special feature

When it comes to Xperia XZ4, we hope to see a special feature that most of the smartphones cannot beat. Let’s take a clear example: Google’s Pixel smartphones. They have the best cameras.

Smaller bezels

Nowadays design trends differ, with bigger screen and smaller bezels. That’s what we want, too, so this design is expected to make its appearance with the new smartphone, too.

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