Microsoft Moves Edge Browser To Chromium Engine

It is official, the Chromium browser engine will be used by Microsoft for Edgein the desktop version. Edge was a major improvement from Internet Explorer, but it appears that Chromium will make things even better. “Ultimately, we want to make the web experience better for many different audiences,” explained Joe Belfiore, corporate veep of Windows.

For web developers this will be a major step forward, as incompatibility problems won’t be that common. Microsoft has explained that right now the company focuses on porting the Chromium codebase to support ARM-64.

This is a big step for Microsoft, for the Microsoft Edge team, and we recognize it will be a big step for the Chromium project as well. We are enthusiastic about the benefit we believe this will bring to the larger web community.



It appears that not everyone is happy when it comes to Microsoft’s decision. The maker of Mozilla wrote a blog post in which he criticized this move:

Microsoft is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google. Making Google more powerful is risky on many fronts.

And a big part of the answer depends on what the web developers and businesses who create services and websites do. If one product like Chromium has enough market share, then it becomes easier for web developers and businesses to decide not to worry if their services and sites work with anything other than Chromium.

Chris Beard does have a point, as this decision affects the entire web ecosystem. For example, the open source project could affect numerous browsers if any errors occur. Additionally, developers might ignore other browsers, and focus solely on Chromium.

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