Fruit Ninja Fight Version 1.20.0: How to Make the Most out of It

We’ve all heard of Fruit Ninja – the third most downloaded app of all time. In the same list, we have Subway Surfers, in the second place and Candy Crush, in the first place.

The game is back and it has new features ready for you to use, as well as real-time competitive edge.

You can now challenge other ninjas from around the world to play, while you’re making your way up to the top, to become the ultimate Fruit Ninja champion. We think it’s the most addictive game that you can play on your mobile phone so far.

What features has the game to offer?

You can now turn the tide of the battle when you release the different powerups.

Collect and hone powerful, even legendary blades to destroy your opponents in no time.

You can become a champion by “slicing” your way up to the top. (Get it?)

If you master criticals, combos and blizing, be sure to win at this game and get rid of your opponents way faster and easier than before, let’s say, when you first started to play the game.

You can invite others to play just by using the VS Friend mode to find out who’s the greatest ninja among your friends (even family).

You can make the most out of your avatar and taunt packs.

What has the new update to offer?

This new update comes with improvements. People have complained that the game crashes on startup, but that was solved by the developers. Also, if you’ve played this game, you’ve seen that at some point you get stuck in the league tutorial, but that’s also solved.

Also, they fixed all the bugs and the stability improvements.

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